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Who you gonna call?

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mitchellhedges.jpgYesterday we all trooped off to see the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull at the Hub. These skulls are associated with endless speculation about their origin, the odd movie, and a fair amount of woo, including Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World (Youtube of that episode). 

Is it a fake? I don't know. But the next visitor from America will have to bring me one of these. They're definitely real, I know, as the Mitchell-Hedges crowd were raffling one.

Update: a reliable and level-headed friend and reader sends me the following story.

"I was part of a university expedition to Belize and Guatemala in 1974. Our team leader, a universally respected American anthropology prof, who spent many years exploring the jungle and Mayan temples round Tikal, told us about a crystal skull which he had been shown by a local tribesman. It was at the back of an underground cave, protected by bone bars jammed into rock, and reached by a tunnel."

"He had sworn not to divulge the location, and never did. But (one might say) the fates intervened for added protection: earthquakes devastated the Tikal area a short while later, and when he went back to check damage to an adjacent site, he was sadly at the top of the Temple of the Sun when lightning struck, and was killed instantly. His small son was uninjured but severely traumatized. So somewhere one of those crystal skulls is quietly resting, now probably forever."

Reflexive Godwin.

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I disapprove of breaches of data protection, even for neo-Nazis with amusing tattoos and hobbies. I also disapprove of, while often laughing my ass off at, the endless stream of recaptioned Downfall bunker scene Hitler parodies. (Blu-ray vs HD-DVD, the housing crashGlasgow East and the Glenrothes response, and even Ronaldo leaving Man U, etc etc). In particular, I object to Bruno Ganz's art being used so lightly. It can't have been an easy role.

And a humour version of Godwin's Law applies to the lot of them. However, comparing neo-Nazis with actual Nazis? Sounds fine to me. Warning, like the ones linked to above, this contains some technicolour swearing. (via LibCon)

Baroque Obama.

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The scholar awaits the Presidency. The original is here.

This is very silly, but I like it.

Done with class.

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Salmond channeled Rikki Fulton for Children in Need this week, and it was splendid. Do give. It's for the weans. Also, if you want to see the original, here's the first ever spot from the Reverend I. M. Jolly.

Pointed my way by Holyrood Chronicles.

Drinking to BrewDog.

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punkipa.jpegThe P&J reports a threat to one of Scotland's finest brewers, perhaps even the best we have - BrewDog, based in Fraserburgh. 

The Portman Group, it seems, have ants in their pants about their labels, especially for three beers called Punk IPA, Hop Rocker and Rip Tide.

These are great beers - the Punk IPA in particular is worthy competition for the best international brews like Bohemia, Krušovice or Sierra Nevada - and the company is a true Scottish success story.

Portman are bothered about the marketing shtick on the side, which frankly is no more intimidating than the lion on a Belhaven label. The fact that the drinks industry itself has decided to attack a small and inventive brewer is a disgrace - is it possible that some of our "cooking lager" manufacturers felt threatened by the success of something that actually tastes nice? 

I just hope they don't notice that BrewDog do a beer called Speedball, named after the dodgy drug combo which did for John Belushi. Nothing to see here..

The things you learn.

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rubik.jpgI just sent Patrick's biography off to a journalist, and spotted something I didn't know. Apparently he used to be able to do the Rubik's Cube in a minute and a half, although takes a little longer now.

It puts my ability to shame. I used to take that long to get just one side done.


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Heard on Radio Four this morning.

"Change is sweeping in, and it's going to be a bright day today."

Yes, I then realised, the weather can.

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