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betternationstone.jpgRegular readers of this blog will have become very bored with going back over the same old posts again and again - despite it being summer recess, I've managed a scant four posts over three months.

I'm not the only one writing less often. Some of Scotland's best bloggers, like Malc in the Burgh, have become less frequent, although not as static as me. Others, though, like SNP Tactical Voting's Jeff, manage to keep posting continuously good material.

Part of the reason, for me, is Twitter, where the discussion is constant and lively - just this morning I sent a document through to a Labour MP about Portuguese drug policy, and got this positive reply.

But the short form isn't always right, and group blogs are in fashion, so Malc, Jeff & I have decided to work together as Better Nation, an ambitious title that will no doubt trip us up soon enough. I may still post here, typically the most vitriolic and partisan stuff that doesn't fit under such an optimistic masthead, but the good stuff will be there.

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Along with Jeff (formerly SNP Tactical Voting) and Malc (formerly In The Burgh), I now co-edit Better Nation, a group blog. Stuff will still appear here, but more will be there. Better Nation

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