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twodoctorswordle.pngYou can really see what has interested me of late from this graphic, generated by Wordle. I fully expect the rest of the Scottish politics blogosphere to do this for their own sites, or if they don't get around to it, I'll do it for them. Particularly pleasing: Wordle give you the right to use the images any way you see fit.

Horatio was lauded.

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horatius.pngIn the legends of ancient Rome, the name Horatio (or Horatius Cocles) appears writ large. Accounts vary, but they agree on this much. Rome was under threat from an Etruscan army (the Etruscans are coming, the Etruscans are coming!), and Horatio took to the Pons Sublicius to defend the city, eventually single-handed. The Etruscans were defeated, and Rome survived.

But why the dull history lesson? Because the hard and nigh-solitary blogging of Kez about Glasgow East reminds me of Horatio's effort. Now sceptics may say that no election yet turns on battles online, but if this story comes out in the MSM, could Glasgow East be the first? (read the comments to the original, the sequel is here

It may seem an unlikely tale, but I find it hard to believe that Kez would make it up. Now outing an SNP Minister for a minor infraction, enough to get booted from a shopping centre, might seem trivial, and not particularly heroic. However, this is the sort of thing which can get a lot of interest during a heavily managed campaign. I'm not saying it's comparable, but the UK general election in 2001 is solely remembered for John Prescott's punch (7 second youtube link).

And if should Labour win Glasgow East, will the honours be hers? Or will it turn out more like this?

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