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Going on holiday.

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tumbleweed.jpgDespite this morning's drama, I don't expect to blog for a week. 

I'll miss you too.

I feel fine.

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largehadroncollider.jpgBut apparently it's the end of the world. The fact that they've even taken the time to deny the possibility that the mini black holes they're creating could expand and swallow us all just alarms me all the more. I know, doom-mongering greens. But seriously, do you feel better after reading that article? (musical relief available here)


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trumpdog.jpgLast year I learnt what this interesting term means from an unexpected source. It's the Victorian profession of gathering up "dog chocolate" for use in tanneries, because, unbelievably enough, the stuff was believed to be "pure". There's even a poem.

It's one of those great long-abandoned career paths, like abacus operator, footman, or pyramid designer. A list to which we will soon be able to add oil industry executive, SUV salesman, and environmental consultant to Donald Trump (left).

The world as it should be?

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news.jpgSome bright spark had a vision of what Google News could look like on a good day (via BB). 

I recommend the secondary headlines too, like "Lucas confession: Yes, Han really did shoot first"

However, "Rowling: I have heaps more to write about Harry" is a vision from a horrific alternate reality I'm glad I'm not part of. Take it all away!

The politics of hair.

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cameronbullingdon.jpgSo whenever a female politician gets her appearance condemned, cheered, or even sleazed over, we feminists get cross. Why is it always the women who are judged so superficially, or treated as sex objects? We men also get cross when we're not treated the same.

So the Guardian, in the spirit of equality, pored over "Dave" Cameron's hair today. Right on, brothers. Curiously, though, they claim that parting to the left makes someone look more leftwing. Che Guevara, when you pried his beret off him, went a bit to the right. And Green men are disproportionately bald, myself included: what does that say? Neither left nor right, just forward, perhaps? Who knows.

But on Dave, they missed the crucial hairstyle, i.e. the posh-boy semi-mullet as adopted at the Bullingdon (he's #2 in the pic above, click for a larger one). To me that says "I know I'm going to get an excellent Establishment job - possibly The Big One".

Note that Boris is entirely unchanged. Not just the same hair, the same everything. How has he managed to avoid either aging or growing up?

Best of the web.

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metafilter.pngDiscussions online tend to be appalling, filled with racism, homophobia and even spelling mistakes. Youtube, for all its joys, has little else below the videos. Slashdot, for the more geeky, is not as bad as its reputation, but still more or less invented flame wars. 

As for the Scotsman and Herald commenters, well, we've talked about them a lot and I'm not going to go into that well of despair again.

Besides, I didn't bring you here to depress you. I brought you here so I could make you happy and share Metafilter with you. If you have another nominee for best discussions online, let me know, and I'll explain why Metafilter is better. The material linked to is endlessly fascinating, and the discussions bring in new ideas, often very informed, often funny, and, sure, sometimes pointless. Tip - the discussions aren't easy to find at first - click the "n comments" link under a story.

Recent examples include an interesting discussion on fuel costs, an explanation of online ecology in a hacking thread, and a thread on what sounds like The Best Wine Ever, including comments from people lucky enough to have tried it.

And one of the key reasons why it works, and isn't full of comment spam? They charge a one-off $5 to join. Plus some good moderation, and real community pressure to keep the site on track.

(Honourable mention for discussion: When Saturday Comes, formerly just sport)

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