Drinking to BrewDog.

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punkipa.jpegThe P&J reports a threat to one of Scotland's finest brewers, perhaps even the best we have - BrewDog, based in Fraserburgh. 

The Portman Group, it seems, have ants in their pants about their labels, especially for three beers called Punk IPA, Hop Rocker and Rip Tide.

These are great beers - the Punk IPA in particular is worthy competition for the best international brews like Bohemia, Krušovice or Sierra Nevada - and the company is a true Scottish success story.

Portman are bothered about the marketing shtick on the side, which frankly is no more intimidating than the lion on a Belhaven label. The fact that the drinks industry itself has decided to attack a small and inventive brewer is a disgrace - is it possible that some of our "cooking lager" manufacturers felt threatened by the success of something that actually tastes nice? 

I just hope they don't notice that BrewDog do a beer called Speedball, named after the dodgy drug combo which did for John Belushi. Nothing to see here..

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