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Two Peters.

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hitchens.jpgI read Peter Hitchens' blog fairly regularly, because however wrong I believe him generally to be, I think he's sincere, and also a good writer. Every once in a while (and I racked my brains to think of the last time) I find myself agreeing with chunks of his stuff.

This case is pretty easy, given the unlikely line he's taken - praising Peter Tatchell. OK, it goes off at the end into rabid Euroscepticism and an implicit line against tolerance, but you can feel the unexpected warmth and respect he feels for 'tother Peter. 

We'd be much the poorer without them both (please don't fill the comments with objectionable Hitchenisms - I do know how far we diverge, thanks).

Like Firefly in reverse.

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Ah, the internet. Thank you for your inventiveness.

It was pointed out in the comments to the last item that the anteater was in the classic "Bring it on!" pose, as adopted and then dropped by oor Wendy. The anteater looks more convincing, though, more consistent, more determined, and indeed more photogenic. The referendum on eating more ants will be definitely be supported, whenever it comes, you can tell.

Perhaps when Wendy does finally resign, to wailing and gnashing of SNP teeth, Labour could see if the anteater wants the job.

Ants: some Green solutions

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anteater.jpgOne of my colleagues found ants in her.. house. Sympathetic as we are, and Green as we are, Patrick and I came up with a couple of solutions. His is to the left, the biodiversity solution. Mine is here, the locally-sourced produce answer.

Any other ideas?

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