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paddick.jpgOthers have speculated that Paddick's policies, especially those on trashing the planet, aren't consistent with the rest of the Liberals' platform. However, he proved he's One Of Them on the PM programme today.

When asked how he voted with his second preference he refused, saying "It'd be ridiculous for me to have come down on one side or the other because I'd have lost half my votes". So no principled position on what's best for London, then..

Oh, and there's a rumour the Greens have beaten the Liberals on the GLA list, according to one of our candidates Aled Fisher. That would be magic.

Norwich leads the way

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AdrianRamsay.jpgI take my hat off to the Norwich Greens. Extraordinary results. Let me list the ways they've done well.

1. They're now the official opposition, just two seats away from being the largest party.

2. They won three new seats last night, all from the Lib Dems, and held the other two they held already.

3. The Greens scored more votes across Norwich than all the other parties (Grn: 29%, Lab: 25%, Con: 23%, Lib: 22%).

4. Take Nelson ward, for example. The Greens won 66% of the vote, with Labour second on 12%!

5. Norwich South looks entirely winnable at the next UK General.

Councillor Ramsay (above), now leader of the Opposition in Norwich, spoke at our conference last year, and is an inspiration. Other English results will be blogged here later. 

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