Paddick's definitely a Liberal

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paddick.jpgOthers have speculated that Paddick's policies, especially those on trashing the planet, aren't consistent with the rest of the Liberals' platform. However, he proved he's One Of Them on the PM programme today.

When asked how he voted with his second preference he refused, saying "It'd be ridiculous for me to have come down on one side or the other because I'd have lost half my votes". So no principled position on what's best for London, then..

Oh, and there's a rumour the Greens have beaten the Liberals on the GLA list, according to one of our candidates Aled Fisher. That would be magic.


Despite it being a very poor result for the Liberal Democrats in London, they still finished ahead of the Greens in 13 out of 14 GLA constituencies. And Paddick took over three times the vote of the Green presidential candidate.

Yup, Aled was wrong, plain wrong. Do you think the decision not to back a second preference option hurt their vote? I know one anecdotal person who was staggered that the nice Liberals couldn't see that Boris was an utter utter muppet compared to Ken. But then they were voting Green 1/Ken 2 already..

It's a good question, but I don't think it made any difference. I'm very nice indeed, but it's by no means clear to me that Boris is any more ridiculous then Ken. If I were voting in that particular election, I'd have intended to put Green as my second choice, as a token gesture. But the Green pact with Labour would have scuppered that idea.

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