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A promising Euro-poll.

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Friday's Times will have the following numbers (Political Betting thread here):

Tory: 30%
UKIP: 19%
Labour: 16%
Liberal: 12%
Green: 10%
BNP: 5%

If you're a real optimist like me, you can look at it this way. If one more Labour voter in seven and one more Liberal voter in seven switched to the Greens we'd beat the pair of them into fourth and fifth place respectively. 

56% also want to see PR brought in to help clear up politics.

The pessimist in me looks at the share above, though, and sees 55% of the electorate voting for Cameron and points right of him.

Invisible Nat MEPs.

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invisiblemanpicture.PNGWhen you "send someone to Brussels", shouldn't they actually take part in debates? It turns out the Nat MEPs are, of all Scotland's European representatives, the most regularly absent from the chamber. 

Inconveniently, they sit as part of the European Free Alliance (very Star Wars), which is in turn part of a larger group with our European colleagues, the Greens-EFA. So have they dragged our EU-wide average down? Clearly, but even with this dead weight on our stats, the Greens-EFA remain the most diligent in the European Parliament. 

Another curiosity from that same site - click here to compare the voting record of ALDE (the group the Liberals are in) with the other parties, and you see they're closest to the centre-right EPP-PE.

Greens on the telly.

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The Euro PEB, with great visuals, and good clear messages. Love the globe..

tebbitspittingimage.jpgThis morning he's urged a boycott of the major parties for the Euros, but hasn't explicitly said which of the other parties he would recommend. Presumably there's a clause in his Tory membership that says "calling for a vote for any other specific party will get you disfellowshipped", but I think we can all work out what he means. 

The largest Westminster parties have had their snouts in the trough for too long, and cannot be supported. The BNP are racist thugs, while UKIP went to Brussels in large numbers in 2004 and have lived high on the Euro-hog ever since. No decent person could back either of those parties. 

Can he really be issuing a coded message backing us? Could this endorsement sink our entire campaign?

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