A promising Euro-poll.

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Friday's Times will have the following numbers (Political Betting thread here):

Tory: 30%
UKIP: 19%
Labour: 16%
Liberal: 12%
Green: 10%
BNP: 5%

If you're a real optimist like me, you can look at it this way. If one more Labour voter in seven and one more Liberal voter in seven switched to the Greens we'd beat the pair of them into fourth and fifth place respectively. 

56% also want to see PR brought in to help clear up politics.

The pessimist in me looks at the share above, though, and sees 55% of the electorate voting for Cameron and points right of him.


This would be a superb result for the Greens. but your right, it would appear that middle England is veering off right.

Time for the nations to go their separate ways?

I have never enjoyed being governed by alternating awful Labour and Tory administrations. The depressing prospect of another spin of that wheel is indeed one of the pragmatic reasons why independence makes sense to me.

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