Invisible Nat MEPs.

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invisiblemanpicture.PNGWhen you "send someone to Brussels", shouldn't they actually take part in debates? It turns out the Nat MEPs are, of all Scotland's European representatives, the most regularly absent from the chamber. 

Inconveniently, they sit as part of the European Free Alliance (very Star Wars), which is in turn part of a larger group with our European colleagues, the Greens-EFA. So have they dragged our EU-wide average down? Clearly, but even with this dead weight on our stats, the Greens-EFA remain the most diligent in the European Parliament. 

Another curiosity from that same site - click here to compare the voting record of ALDE (the group the Liberals are in) with the other parties, and you see they're closest to the centre-right EPP-PE.

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