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dianaprivateeyecover.jpgI had a feeling this was coming my way. Iain Dale started a "where were you when?" game of tag, he tagged Tom Harris, he tagged STB, and here we are.

Princess Diana's death - 31 August 1997

I was working in St Andrews, and my boss rang me up and told me to come over with the papers. We had croissants and coffee and watched rolling news. I felt then as I feel now: it's sad when any parent of young children dies, but no more for Diana than anyone else. The Private Eye cover abides, though (click for larger image).

Margaret Thatcher's resignation - 22 November 1990

I was at home and my mother rang up to tell me we needed to organise a street party.

Attack on the twin towers - 11 September 2001

I was self-employed, and my pal Hamish came round. It looked like the gates of hell had opened up, and that we would see escalating response and counter-response. Now, of course, it seems clear that it was Al Qaeda's one truly ambitious "spectacular".

England's World Cup Semi Final v Germany in - 4 July 1990

This predates my interest in football, really. Subsequently I have grown to love watching England games, especially versus Portugal, Germany and Argentina.

President Kennedy's Assassination - 22 November 1963

Pass, for the same reason as STB.

Scottish Unionist (when he gets back)

Yet another gong.

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doggycheekstretch.jpgIain Dale's list of the 20 best green blogs came out today. His lists are the Oscars of the blogging awards world, otherwise I wouldn't mention it. I'm delighted to get the #2 slot, behind the estimable Jim Jay's Daily (Maybe), and I promise not to mention any more awards anytime soon. I mean, does anyone other than the awardees really care?

Another prize.

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Thumbnail image for sgprosette.jpgBlushingly, yet with great ego, I have to acknowledge this #1 ranking from Jim Jay, who compiled the Best Green Blogs of the year. He's also doing a readers' poll on that same page, in case any of you kind souls want to do the right thing.

Of punks and populists.

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swinney.jpgLast night, in the space of three hours, this blog received comments from two unlikely sources. 

First, the bassist of short-lived punk band Nocturnal Vermin set out more of their history, what they're doing now, and confirmed their affection for John Swinney. 

Then one of the founders of the short-lived right-wing political party Scottish People's Alliance criticised Land Value Tax. 

I do love the internet at times like this, and to mark the occasion I'm going dig out Nocturnal Vermin's classic "John Swinney" for your listening pleasure. I originally posted it in February, and I fear it may become my audio equivalent of Private Eye's infamous pic.

Also, here's a review by Alan Cochrane of the Scottish People's Alliance's launch in 2003. Or at least of their catering.

First prize in the dressage.

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Thanks to Jim for spotting my success - best environmental/green issues blog, according to the Witanagemot Club awards, where his excellent Daily (Maybe) also featured. Apologies to the Witanagemot Club for not having heard of them until then. At least I knew what the original Witanagemot was, though. 

Others on their list I like include STB, SNP Tactical Voting, J Arthur McNumptyASWAS, and the timewasters' friend, the Daily Mash. Once I work out how to force Movable Type to let me add proper links to this lot I will, I will. And thanks to the readers who nominated me, of course.

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