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As you'll know if you read other political bloggers who haven't been on holiday, it's the season for shameless self-promotion. Iain Dale's Total Politics competition is on again, and in lieu of anything more democratic, it's become the de facto UK political blogging Olympics. 

Last year those who blog were all encouraged to tell everyone who we voted for, but this year the rules have changed and we're now not supposed to do so. It had become an "I'll vote for you if you vote for me" situation, as disreputable as a City remuneration committee.

The rules are here, incidentally, so do go and vote.

So, bloggers are not supposed to "list ten blogs you think your readers should vote for." I wouldn't presume, but I have finally worked out how to get Movable Type to include a blogroll, so if you want to know who I read, they're to the right. 

I will bend the rules slightly, though. Here are a few hearty recommendations for blogs I didn't vote for last time, three of which weren't around a year ago.

1. Jim Jepps' Daily (Maybe). Last year's top-ranked Green, and rightly so. Funny, passionate, open-minded and rigorous. 
2. Lallands Peat Worrier. Undoubtedly the Nats' best new blogger, not yet operational for six months, but already a definite fixture. The cod Enlightenment style may look pompous at first glance, but it's frequently hilarious and always shrewd. 
3. Yapping Yousuf. A great read from another thoughtful blogging newcomer. Could dial down the partisanship from time to time, but I'm well aware of my own glass house on that front. 
4. Scottish Unionist. A blog established purely to defend Yoonyonizhm would have to be good to get my attention, and this is indeed one of Scotland's best. The author regularly goes head-to-head with the demented fringes of cybernatspace and regularly wins. 
5.  Beau Bo D'or. The best British animation and photoshop satire around. OK, there aren't many competitors, but this'd be tough to beat in a field of any side. On hiatus now, but hopefully back soon.

Also, if you care enough about politics to read blogs about it, why not start your own? It's not exactly difficult, and you'll get loads of help if you ask.

Finally, have you voted yet? Please make sure you do.

Update: My memory is clearly failing me. I thought I'd voted for Jeff's splendid SNP Tactical Voting and for Malc in the Burgh last year, but Jeff's reminded me otherwise in the comments. 

Last time Jeff came third in the Scottish section, but I reckon he woz robbed. Consider this a fresh recommendation for your RSS reader if you don't read it already, and not just because of his thoughtful piece on Green prospects this morning. 

Malc, for his part, got Daily Dozenned yesterday, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't vote for him (see how close I skate to endorsements here without breaking the rules?). Again, not just because he's got gradually Greener as time has passed, but just on the intrinsic merit of his writing, especially the posts backed up with real quality research

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