First prize in the dressage.

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Thanks to Jim for spotting my success - best environmental/green issues blog, according to the Witanagemot Club awards, where his excellent Daily (Maybe) also featured. Apologies to the Witanagemot Club for not having heard of them until then. At least I knew what the original Witanagemot was, though. 

Others on their list I like include STB, SNP Tactical Voting, J Arthur McNumptyASWAS, and the timewasters' friend, the Daily Mash. Once I work out how to force Movable Type to let me add proper links to this lot I will, I will. And thanks to the readers who nominated me, of course.

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Along with Jeff (formerly SNP Tactical Voting) and Malc (formerly In The Burgh), I now co-edit Better Nation, a group blog. Stuff will still appear here, but more will be there. Better Nation

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