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swinney.jpgLast night, in the space of three hours, this blog received comments from two unlikely sources. 

First, the bassist of short-lived punk band Nocturnal Vermin set out more of their history, what they're doing now, and confirmed their affection for John Swinney. 

Then one of the founders of the short-lived right-wing political party Scottish People's Alliance criticised Land Value Tax. 

I do love the internet at times like this, and to mark the occasion I'm going dig out Nocturnal Vermin's classic "John Swinney" for your listening pleasure. I originally posted it in February, and I fear it may become my audio equivalent of Private Eye's infamous pic.

Also, here's a review by Alan Cochrane of the Scottish People's Alliance's launch in 2003. Or at least of their catering.


Great picture. Saved for possible future use - as "swinney-tunnel-vision.jpg". ;-)

You've met former Nocturnal Vermin-ite Isaac Brutal (AKA Tommy Shock, Mark). He's a pal of Vic's.

He now plays with punk trio Shock And Awe and also S PUNK 7.

Shock And Awe are playing Henrys Cellar Bar tomorrow. http://www.myspace.com/shockandawemusic

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