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The sweary civil servant

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swearing.jpgSo Sir Richard Mottram thinks UK Cabinet minutes should be kept secret. Don't worry, Sir Richard, the minions never minute the really interesting stuff. One example is your landmark comment after the "good day to bury bad news" incident, widely believed to be the best swearing ever;

"We're all f*cked. I'm f*cked. You're f*cked. The whole department's f*cked. It's been the biggest c*ck-up ever and we're all completely f*cked." (quoted here)

Also, if anyone can tell me what difference those asterisks make, please do. This blog has a massive international and family audience, so I suppose I'd better, but really, what a waste of time.
marilyn.JPGReports today suggest that people with multiple mobile phones should be considered potential terror subjects.

What other groups of people, beyond Al Qaeda, tend to have several phones? I mean press officers, not Hollywood starlets.

I'm nervous. I've got about seven phones in my house. But I am not a terrist. Seriously.

Community of bloodsuckers

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bellhowardvampire.jpgThe morning radio can be disorientating. Strange stories filter into my half-awake brain. Today it was Tory wonk David Willetts on the Today programme discussing community. Unless I imagined it, he used the example of vampire bats. They all go out at night looking for fresh blood, and apparently those that found some to suck then share it with those that were unsuccessful. Sounds like communism to me. Communist vampire bats as a Tory example to the rest of us.

Apart from the communism, perhaps he was pining for a lost Tory leader.

Update: I grabbed it from the BBC. Turns out I wasn't imagining things. Thanks to Aaron for directing me to the smart wee player below.

Goodbye, Darling

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bonfire.jpgYesterday afternoon, politicalbetting.com alerted its particular section of the anorak public to an outstanding betting opportunity: 5/2 on Darling no longer being Chancellor by the end of 2008. Just 18 hours later and William Hill had pulled the bet. I wonder why?

Is it because this story seems plausible?

Watch out Lembit

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stephenpound.jpgDon't get the wrong one! It's like Cinderella and the Ugly Sisters in reverse.

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