First they came for the press officers

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marilyn.JPGReports today suggest that people with multiple mobile phones should be considered potential terror subjects.

What other groups of people, beyond Al Qaeda, tend to have several phones? I mean press officers, not Hollywood starlets.

I'm nervous. I've got about seven phones in my house. But I am not a terrist. Seriously.



This is what led to the de Menezes shooting. He was "acting suspiciously" because he got off a bus and got on it again. Whipping people up into a frenzy makes them see suspicious behaviour where it doesn't exist, is counter-productive and dangerous.

This also reminds me of "How to Spot a Communist" propaganda from the 50s US, I will try and find a link to them...

From, A Two-Phone Owner.

Goodness me.

I too have several phones and, although a number of folk definitely have described me as dodgy in the past I'm not sure that terrorism is what they were thinking......

These things are just pathetic.

*goes off to buy several more mobile phones*

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