Goodbye, Darling

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bonfire.jpgYesterday afternoon, alerted its particular section of the anorak public to an outstanding betting opportunity: 5/2 on Darling no longer being Chancellor by the end of 2008. Just 18 hours later and William Hill had pulled the bet. I wonder why?

Is it because this story seems plausible?


It will be more than a little interesting to see how the Broon Government weathers the storm of breaking its own Golden Fiscal rule of keeping borrowing to under 40% GDP. As arbitrary as the rule is, it is the basis for the awful PFI/PPP 'adventure' which on current figures will cost £53billion, and with the sole purpose of keeping this expenditure off-balance sheet and as far away from accountability as possible.

Suddenly Northern Rock's £55bn, doesn't seem like such a bad deal, at least the public actually own it...

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