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A worthy response.

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golfcoursecarrier.jpgThere's a lot of debate going on about where aircraft carriers should be built. But surprisingly, given the £4bn cost, no debate about whether they should be built.

This despite many in the near-pacifist left in the SNP knowing that the carriers are designed, in the Navy's own words, to provide "a coercive presence worldwide".

So late last night we chipped in, arguing that the carriers shouldn't be built at all, and that the skills on the Clyde and the money from the Treasury should instead be redeployed to develop cutting-edge renewables industries and other similar green tech.

The prize for the best response goes to the following, found in my inbox this morning.

"Are you suggesting that we shouldn't be spending billions on the world's biggest floating cocktail party venues? Where will Prince William be able to land his jets? This all sounds dangerously close to treason to me."

Don't just take my word for it.

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"Green politics matter now more than ever. It is not woolly to be green at this time. It has never been more hard-headed. The crisis over the oil price is just one of many indicators that it is even more imperative to wean ourselves off fossil fuels and make the radical moves necessary to become a low-carbon economy. The fortunate countries of the future will be those with political and business leaders with the foresight to plan for that world by encouraging investment in clean and renewable energies, carbon capture and green transport."

I do disagree with the statement before that, though. But I recommend you read the whole article. Right through to the last perfect paragraph.

Getting one's kilt on.

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mackenzie.jpgUnlike my old man, who wears his kilt nearly daily (see Mackenzie tartan to the left), I only seem to find myself in one when I'm about to encounter drink. Weddings, mostly. Or, once a year, at the Scottish Political Journalists' Association dinner. 

So thanks this year to the Scotsman for the invite. Please don't put me next to you-know-who.

The SPJA is a very relaxed sort of trade union. One annual dinner, and a golf game against the politicians. And very very occasionally they go on the warpath, usually over drink, fittingly enough. 

The dinner is (I think) meant to be Chatham House Rules, which is why it took so long for the famous punchup in 2000 to come out. And it also means that I will blog any gossip that comes my way on Wednesday strictly without naming my sources. Promise. Probably.

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