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Gerri Peev vs the US media

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As you'll know, the Scotsman got tangled up in the US election last week. Gerri Peev did an interview with Samantha Power, until then an Obama aide. Outcome: resignation. You can't call an internal rival a monster, even when she does monstrous things like claim McCain is more qualified for the presidency than Obama.

So then some lowlife invited Gerri onto his TV show over there.

1-0 to the British media, I think. And that was before he got canned.

Liberals: uncovered

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libdemlogo.jpgDon't be alarmed by the title, there will no nude pics of Ross Finnie, let alone anything worse.. I'm just enjoying Iain Macwhirter's Nicol Stephen/Harry Saxe-Coburg Gotha mashup.

Thanks to Mike at Allmediascotland for bringing this to the attention of his email subscribers. If you're not on his list yet, you should be, and you can sign up here.

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