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ferretheart.jpgSo everyone who's anyone who blogs here is doing the top ten thing for Iain Dale. I can't resist, especially after some were kind enough to rank my own blog.

Do vote for your own top ten here. Entries must all be UK-based political blogs, and two of these I've had to suggest that Iain include in his directory.

1. J Arthur Macnumpty - The most thoughtful analysis of Scottish politics. Just look at the historical sense here. The site also has useful sidebars, like who's in and who's out of the various leadership contests.
2. Peter Cranie - One of the best from our Green chums down south. Also managing Adrian Ramsay's Deputy Leader campaign, so he must be on the right track.
3. Kez Dugdale - Labour's most determined voice online. They're lucky to have her.
4. STB - Keeps them short and to the point, a good diverse mix of gossip and partisanship.
5. Douglas Fraser - An irregular blogger, and sadly soon to leave Scottish politics. 
6. George Monbiot - OK, it's sort of a blog. But it is 100% Monbiot must-read goodness.
7. Polling Report - All us anoraks love numbers, those bad bad numbers.
8. Political Betting - And betting is even worse numbers than polling.
9. Calum Cashley - Good polemic, hating Wendy and trams equally. Would rank higher if he didn't keep using that "Mouth Park" thing over and over.
10. Scottish Roundup - Makes us all feel read. Aww.

And to prove I'm not too partisan, here's a Liberal one

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