Breaking: Steven Purcell to resign?

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This may prove to be as accurate as my 2008 "Thatcher no more" post, but a Twitter source claims Steven Purcell is resigning for personal reasons (not to stand for Westminster as had been rumoured). 

If it's true, especially if he really has "jumped before he was pushed", this is a serious blow to Labour. He's been running Scotland's largest local authority, one of the few remaining Labour-only administrations. 

He's also long been touted as a future LOLITSP, and constitutes approximately 100% of the party's rising stars in Scotland. 

Let's see what tomorrow's papers hold. The full story is apparently due then.


Hmmm. As a former resident of Glasgow, I can't say there is any love lost between myself and Mr Purcell, but I hope that he is resigning for personal reasons and not 'personal reasons'. It's extremely vexing when Glasgow lives up to it's reputation.

Given that Glasgow City has spent most of the past decade arguing with Scottish Governments of every hue as well as COSLA, new leadership might be what the city needs. Anything to break out of the ridiculous Labour banana republic mentality.

Thatcher did die!

and constitutes approximately 100% of the party's rising stars in Scotland.


I'll try not to take comment about the lack of rising stars too personally mate except to draw your attention to the following item from the 'Scotland on Sunday' a couple of weeks ago:

Note numbers '12' and '14' and who ranks higher! :P

Who the bleedin' 'eck is Emun Elliot?

I suppose No. 11 needed something to compensate for his name. Also, I bet Noman Tahir is sick of people asking him if his middle name is Odysseus.

So who's going to replace him? I wouldn't think Jim Coleman would want it. But there are a number of young(ish) pretenders-

Aileen Colleran-Business Manager and fairly close to Purcell, I don't think there's been a female as Leader for a while.

Stepthen Curran- A nice guy. TOO nice to be the Leader of the Council.

George Ryan and Gordon Matheson could be an option as well.

Alastair Watson to return in shock u-turn in political career!

Honestly, what a session the Council is having. There have been at least 3 defections, and 3 controversial resignations.

Stuart M, sorry about that: I really meant rising elected officials, that's all!

And.. confirmed!

Someone suggested I'd been unfair in excluding John Park from my "rising stars" list too: a fair comment, I reckon.

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