Thatcher no more?

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I'm hearing that Margaret Thatcher may have died overnight, although I have not a single link to back it up. If it is true, Elvis Costello, Hefner and Morrissey will be ready, amongst others. 

I'm sorry to have had to spread rumours like this, but other bloggers out there will know that if a well-connected source comes to you with a story like this, it's gotta go up.

Update: this is apparently untrue, and I apologise. Apparently it began going round when Carol cancelled a media appearance and Mark was spotted hurrying home. Coincidence, nothing more. Also, it's a neat illustration of why the standard answer to a headline with a question must be "no".


And that is a good musical catalog. Mix CD time?

I NEED to know if it is true. Having this kind of rumour for two hours without verification is toooooooo painful.

[Not that I am hoping it is true, of course. I just want to know if it is]

Carol Thatcher was a guest on this mornings Wright Show. She wasn't wearing black.

Well, that seems pretty conclusive. Apologies for worrying you all.

Worried? Sorry who was worried?

Yeah Ok you have the whole (or some part) of the blogopshere checking out sources but the only worry was who'd break it first.

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