Michael Foot - a history of socialism incarnate.

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Michael Foot, whose death is being reported today, lived an extraordinary life, with his reputation unfairly weakened by Labour's 1983 election loss under his leadership. It's almost implausible to consider how far back his influence stretches, but I was struck by the note from George Orwell's diary from more than 70 years ago. 

It cites the defeat of a Socialist candidate in the July 1939 Monmouth by-election, and notes that Mr Foot had fought the same seat in the 1935 General Election. The Telegraph's snippet on it is below.


A truly great man, I remember him as a regular panelist on 50s T/V, he could as they say "Argue the leg off an Iron Pot", One of the now nonexistent true Socialists, They are all Profit Driven Right Wingers now, and Britain has not improved as a result. I will remember him with true respect.

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