A typical day.

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rhubarbcrumble.JPGSession proper started again today, and it turns out I'd completely forgotten what hard work is like. 

I do occasionally get asked what I actually do, normally in a tone which implies extreme indolence, so to clarify, here's some of what today has included so far:

  • Getting a release out in advance of an event Patrick's speaking at;
  • Taking a look through the media monitoring note before it went out;
  • Arranging to meet one of my favourite members of Parliamentary staff about getting a Mac in the office;
  • Having a team meeting to look at priorities amongst forthcoming business;
  • Sending stroppy but entirely justified notes to civil servants;
  • Chatting with an SNP MSP who was returning a curry cookbook he borrowed three months ago but hasn't made anything from yet;
  • Drafting something to go into a campaigning organisation's media release;
  • Not eating pudding even though it was rhubarb crumble (pictured);
  • Getting a release out in which Robin welcomed East Lothian Council's decision to reject Viridor's proposed incinerator for Dunbar (and really enjoying being able to support a council for doing the right thing);
  • Listening to thin excuses from civil servants;
  • Only twittering a little bit;
  • Agreeing a piece on transport for later in the week with one of the broadsheets;
  • Discussing an amendment to the Megrahi motion with Patrick and colleagues;
  • Getting a release out in which Patrick called for a comprehensive inquiry into the Megrahi case and restated his support for Kenny MacAskill's decision;
  • Working up costings for a project we're considering;
  • Delegating loads of stuff to much-loved colleagues;
  • Winning a belated and partial victory over civil service foot-dragging through sheer persistence;
  • Summarising, with Patrick, our view on community sentences for one of the broadsheets; and
  • Not getting in the way of the man from the radio who wanted to interview Patrick. 

I'd also forgotten how much I love session time. Seriously, if you get bored with a working life like this you're doing it wrong. Update - Yousuf has done his day here for comparison.


great stuff James. Almost makes me miss it! Good luck for the coming session - not that it's about luck!

Loved the list of chilli sauces1 More chillies in the post today!

Interested in how you spend your day! No room for boredom there !


has this scheme been properly costed?

I'm all within budget.

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