Glum Councillors.

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Via the ever-cheery Councillor Andrew Cooper, father of the best policy ever, comes Glum Councillors. You must have seen them. They kneel by potholes, point at graffiti, and hug postboxes. To prove it's not just Lib Dems who do this, I give you the future Green MP for Norwich South, Adrian Ramsay, in an absolute classic of the genre.



This must be photoshopped! Adrian isn't wearing a tie!

Brilliant, and such a sight is long overdue.

We get some shocking photos in our local newsletters, mostly perpetrated by the Lib Dem candidate.

The longer it goes on, the funnier I find it and the more inclined I am to vote for the chap so maybe it pays off in the end!

Right, Jeff, I know what your Christmas present is. A big framed pothole photo from your local Green candidate.

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