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Political anagrams have long been a source of amusement, especially if they can be seen as standing up some pre-existing political point. Two notable examples are of Virginia Bottomley (I'm an evil Tory bigot, somewhat unfairly) and Tony Blair (if you use the full "Tony Blair MP" you get I'm Tory Plan B). 

The shorter a name the harder it is to get a good anagram, which is why Rich Arse is so impressive for Chris Rhea. With this in mind, I wondered whether the Scottish parties and their nice long names might provide some easy pickings. Remember, it's only a meaningless game.

Scottish Conservative Party
Catchy Transvestite Proviso
Trashy Coven Visit Spectator - I envisage this as the Spectator magazine
Activate Press Thirst Convoy
Soviet Tavern Chastity Corps
Invasive Crotch - Sporty Taste

Scottish Green Party
Persistent Chat Orgy
Prosthetic Angry Set
Shoestring Party Etc - this is 100% true, so appears despite being a bad anagram
Gritty Phone Actress
Atheist Gentry Corps 

Scottish Labour Party
Statutory Crab Polish
Busy Hospital Tractor
Solitary Butch Pastor
Robust Postal Charity
Trashy Tribal Octopus - possibly my favourite on this list

Scottish Liberal Democrats
Orchestrate Basic List Mold
Bothersome Acrid Class Tilt
Democratic Asbestos Thrill
Storm? Ditch Electoral Basis

Scottish National Party
Hypnotic Trot Assailant
Hast Only Cast Partition
Nasty Atlantic Riot Shop
Thirsty Satanic Platoon

Any other entries?

(pic via weaving)


Alex Salmond

- Llama Sex Nod
- Anal Mold Sex
- All Nomad Sex
- No, All Sex Mad
- Old Mans Axle
- Sell A Damn Ox

Iain Gray

- I Rain Gay

Annabel Goldie

- A Genial Blonde
- A Leading Noble
- Nae Bondage, Ill
- Banal Old Genie
- Bold Anal Genie
- No Labia Legend
- Labial End Gone
- Need Long Labia

Tavish Scott

- The lucky bastard doesn't seem to have any decent anagrams.

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