Touchy Trump.

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Thumbnail image for trumphaircheckinfo.jpgDebra Storr's posted a letter from The Donald Himself on her blog following her detention on his land, and it's fascinating stuff. 

From it one can learn that he:
  • Is opposed to the use of PR and the media: "It is disturbing that you chose to voice these concerns through a Glasgow based public relations firm instead of the proper and customary channels."
  • Has just worked out that she's against his project altogether: "It is clear that your intentions are not constructive.."
  • Remains unaware of his own financial difficulties: "Our many supporters realize that during these difficult economic times, while other developers have been forced to cancel projects, the Trump International Golf Links - Scotland development is moving forward.."
  • Isn't familiar with the work of the RSPB and others, nor the fact that you don't save a wild space by building on top of it, nor indeed the concept of a split infinitive: ".. we are the only organization that has studied the land at Menie and created a viable program to responsibly manage the site, stabilize the dunes and preserve them for many generations to enjoy."
If you wish to discuss the project and its many shortcomings with him, or perhaps how inappropriate it is for him to try to bully our elected councillors, his phone number is at the bottom of the letter. I'll call later in the week and let you know how I get on.

Also, if you want to emulate his hairdo, the Mail has a guide.


"stabalize the dunes" looks like he's picking his next fight with the Lord God Almighty in that case, as all other things are shifting sand. Or course he has to get past Debra first which is no easy task.

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