The case of the fraudulent letters.

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ingrammoney.jpgAdam Ingram, the former Labour Minister pictured left with friends, doesn't like East Kilbride Green activist Kirsten Robb. He got caught profiting from contracts related to his former Ministerial job, and she turned the heat on him locally. 

A series of letters then appeared in the local paper from former Labour Councillor Tony Carlin, defending Adam Ingram and attacking Kirsten. Except the letters weren't really from Carlin, and he came right out and said so. Ironically, the forger had even called Kirsten a liar. The News of the World has more.

The longer a government serves in office, the more likely it is to become corrupt, especially when it's clear the electorate are about to turf them out. Labour MPs could be forgiven for wanting to polish up their CVs, but I suspect honesty and hard work would be more appealing than either fraudulent and self-serving astroturf campaigns or consultancies with truly incompetent IT companies.


As I have the privilege of living in Mr Ingram's private fiefdom of EK, I read the letters in the local rag when they were published. To be honest, it prints sycophantic crap about the local Labour machine with such monotonous regularity that I just took the letters at face value. Tut tut.
I spoke to Ms Robb a couple of times a few years back, when we were standing in the same by-election. Very civil she was too, so hopefully she'll take Ingram to task over this.

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