The party of the better-earning people.

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westerwelle.jpgOne of Iain Dale's recent links took me to The Croydonian, the site of one of his rightwing chums. The piece got excited about the apparent rise of Germany's FDP, the sort of party you get if you start with the Liberal Democrats and remove the residual charm. They're on 18%, and looking at the polls they've been taking handfuls of votes from Merkel's CDU/CSU. Net effect when the election comes?

The Croydonian was awfully excited about the numbers, observing that the FDP are "the nearest thing to a party properly committed to a free market economy on the other side of the Rhine". He then raised their poor but abandoned slogan: Partei der Besserverdienenden, "the party of the better-earning people". Aren't those things a perfect read-across for each other anyway? Doesn't a bit of honesty count for anything with these Tories?

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