Poacher turned poacher.

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salmon.jpgJohn Farquhar Munro has put himself centre stage on the referendum question, coming out in favour of one just as his leader confirmed, for now, his opposition. I'm still betting they'll u-turn before 2011, but it's fascinating to see at least one of the passengers in the back urging the driver to make the change now rather than blunder on in the wrong direction.

The Nats are clearly right about one thing, as quoted in that Times article above: "Consistency is not a characteristic you associate with the Lib Dems. The only constant is change.

But JFM's position should surprise no-one. His party includes many a stuffed shirt pretending to be a rebel, but he's the real deal. I've been told he also did time for poaching back in the day, and Jamie Stone is on the record discussing it here (after Jackie Baillie's intervention on that page). I particularly like Jamie's followup comment. Classic Stone.

Anyway, Tommy's absence makes the Parliament a less colourful place, in various ways, and I believe JFM is now the only serving MSP to have also been detained at Her Majesty's pleasure. I'm sure Tavish would send him back there right now if he could.


A great many Lib Dems are uncomfortable with the party's sudden repositioning of itself as 'Unionist', as it clearly flies in the face of their proud Home Rule tradition. I left the party for that very reason.

I seem to remember a certain SNP Cab Sec spending some time in a cell in London after a football match...

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