It's pie time.

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mcaveetypie.jpgStrangely, the Herald's website is claiming it's tomorrow (Thursday) already. I'm pretty sure it's not, but I do like to read the papers as early as possible. 

Anyway, we had a finger in this pie, the 100m and £100 challenge from Frank McAveety to Alex Salmond, and it certainly tastes delicious. The proceeds will go, if Salmond accepts, to Robin's preferred rainforest charity. 

Frank, you will remember, lost his job as Culture Minister partly because of an unfortunate incident with a pie and chips.

I confess to encouraging Frank to draw the comparison with Usain Bolt, but perhaps two MSPs renowned for their love of food might prove a spectacle of an altogether different sort. Others have suggested a pie-and-spoon race, and Frank thought the response might be a challenge to an actual pie-eating contest.

Whatever happens, it draws attention to the original issue, the failure of the SNP to include aviation in their climate change bill targets, right? Right?

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