Requiem for a Tory.

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slatfatf.jpg(note to readers not interested in Holyrood gossip: you can safely ignore this one)

Some people think those of us on the ecologically-minded left should hate all Tories as a matter of ideological principle. But then people think all kinds of bonkers stuff. 

Yesterday Scottish Tory Boy apparently terminated his blog, and we will be worse off for it. How could you not respect someone who did so under a heading taken from Douglas Adams?

However, there has to be more to this than meets the eye. The boy loves gossip, and it'll keep finding its way to him.

STB claims that one of the reasons is that he has no internet at home, and can't afford it. Come off it! You work for two Tory MSPs, and if they don't pay you enough to get the internet at home then there's something wrong with the free market.

No, something else is happening. Perhaps a conspiracy, perhaps a cover-up, or at least a hidden agenda. Here are the top five scurrilous theories currently circulating :

1. STB is terrified that his Celtic-supporting mates will discover he's a Tory and thinks they're almost onto him. 
2. He's about to defect to the Liberals.
3. He's about to divert his attention to some top secret blog project.
4. <deleted for legal reasons>
5. Derek's told him to get back to work.

I just made all five up. But #5 sounds plausible to me. Nevertheless, the campaign to get him back online starts now. I've got a fiver towards your internet, mate.


I heard Pauline McNeill was somehow involved?

Anyway, I match your £5. We can buy him one of those internet sticks you put in your laptop and can use anywhere.

Doesn't STB have a blackberry if he works at the Parliament?

Look as someone who has reference to Douglas in the masthead of his blog I can assure STB that I will never disclose where he got his Lim Dem membership form from.

Whoops. ;)

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