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thebreeders.jpgI found out last night that they still rock very hard. Kim gave me a beer and her Pixies playlist at the Queen's Hall in 1988. Kelley has given up heroin and gotten into knitting, which has to be progress. The two coolest sisters in modern music, except perhaps Kristen Hersh and Tanya Donnelly.

But was Frank MacAveety there? I didn't see him, but surely he wouldn't have missed it? I still remember being flushed with pride at our devolved institutions when he was still Culture Minister (bear with me), before the little local difficulty in the canteen. Holyrood Magazine asked him who the most influential band of the last 20 years was, and he said the Pixies. 

Anyway, here's a little bit of Breeders to brighten up my Wednesday.


I've heard that knitting is waaay more addictive than heroin. Personally, I don't touch the stuff. ;)

Ah yes, Kim Deal... Here's a link to here lookey and soundey likey, my Yukon chum Kim Beggs
Photos of camera shy Kim in the press section. Interestingly, I saw that the Breeders started out as a folk/roots band...

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