Blessed are the cheesemakers.

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caboc.jpgMy favourite Liberal MSP (I know, I know, tough contest) is undoubtedly Jamie Stone. His CV is a motley affair, including a spell running Highland Fine Cheeses, the family firm behind Caboc, a yummy soft cheese. 

According to the Metro today, it's 50% fat, which explains the yummy, and sales are up 40%. 

One Rory Stone is quoted as follows: "I can't understand why people still want it."

First, what modesty. Second, why indeed would people buy such fatty foods, especially in Scotland, renowned as we are for our healthy eating? Rory and Jamie are clearly chips off the same block of Stone. 

Caboc is available from all good cheesemongers, and is online here. Hopefully a share of the profits isn't diverted to support the Liberals.

Disclosure: this may or may not be related to the fine hospitality he showed me one summer a few years ago.

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