A Scottish Daily Show.

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Now we're to have a proper Scottish TV channel, we need a Scottish version of the Daily Show. I am a massive fan of Jon Stewart, who mixes absurdist satire, rigorous fact-checking and whimsical face-pulling in equal measure. But who would front it up over here?

My nomination is Douglas Fraser, who is sadly only with the Herald for a few more days before he jets off to the BBC to cover business matters. 

Now, obviously it'd be bad for him to leave a new job straight away, but I think this Scottish channel might take a wee while to set up.

Don't take this to imply that I think Douglas is a lightweight: quite the opposite, this is serious political TV with a mass audience. His sense of humour is acute and well-informed, too, and, like Jon Stewart, he would be massively trusted in such a role. The campaign starts now. 

Sample recent Daily Show gloriousness is below, via The Curvature.

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