In praise of Jack McConnell.

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mcconnellmrworry.jpgNot as a First Minister, mind, as an ex-First Minister. Some people leave the top job and fester on the back benches, scheming and briefing against their successors. Others openly declare themselves to be back-seat drivers

But Jack saunters around the Holyrood building with the top two buttons of his shirt undone, clearly loving the fact that it's all someone else's problem now. 

It's not a Hawaiian shirt, but it clearly will be soon, and the medallion is already implicit. Even his walk is laid back, almost gravity-defying.

It's easier, in one sense, when you're gone because the public voted you out. Major famously walked out of Number 10 and down to the Oval. Both were politicians whose policies I didn't much care for, yet both have watched far inferior leaders of their parties come and go, failing in opposition and making them look better. 

Nobody even seems to know who Jack's backing to succeed Wendy, although I understand he's pretty clear on the strengths and weaknesses of all three candidates. Mr Worry's been left far behind, he's got a pension of £38k just from his First Ministership, and he's off to Malawi, which looks pretty damn gorgeous. Jack, I salute your nonchalance.


Odd panegyric to a less than glorious politician.

Compare and contrast with politicians of principle who have got out of politics know the rest


too much time in the Holyrood village, perhaps?

Fellers, fellers, I'm not saying I agree with him. Or that I rate him above the principled resigners. But I accept the latter charge without reservation.

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