Like a landslide, but less exciting.

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You can't argue with the man's mandate - 59% for Scott, 21% for Finnie, and 18% for Rumbles. The missing 2% presumably voted for Charlie Kennedy. Or were illegible. Or both.

Liberal members have looked at their party's response to minority government, i.e. resist any cooperation with anyone except Labour, and they like it. Personally I think that could be costly, but only time will tell.

I'm pleased to see someone yanked Jeff's chain, though.

Update: Tavish Scott seems to have had a massive and absurd rush of blood to the head. "Thank you for this, the gold medal in the Lib Dem Olympics. I'm with Chris Hoy. I'm comfortable and confident in being part of a federal political party."

So what would the events be at the real Liberal Olympics? Synchonised boredom? Bulldozer relays? Graph manipulation time trials? Long-distance fence-sitting?

In any case, I doubt Chris Hoy actually said he's "part of a federal political party". If he was a Liberal, he probably left after they led the campaign to demolish his beloved velodrome.


"I'm pleased to see someone yanked Jeff's chain, though."

I'm glad I could add some colour to your day.

Don't worry, you weren't alone. More than one of the Holyrood media pack fell for some Rumblesist propaganda about his inevitable victory!

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