One step closer to justice.

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mladickaradzic.jpgIt's not often the news makes me cheer out loud. But Radovan Karadzic, come on down! There's a cell in the Hague for you, next to the one where your buddy Milosevic cheated justice.

Oh, and message for Ratko Mladic, you're next. Sweet dreams!


Squeeky bum time in one office at Parkhead tonight, hopefully.

'When asked in a recent interview with The Independent about his links to Karadzic, {Doctor !!} [John] Reid could only tersely reply that “These are matters for the International Criminal Court”.'

more here on the present Celtic chairman's all round karma:

question: if Milosevic (a supporter of whom I am obviously not) was so guilty, why couldn't they pin anything on him at the Hague in what, 4 years at least?

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