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stevis.pngMeet Sean Tevis (left), from Kansas, who got depressed and annoyed that his local representative is anti-gay, anti-abortion and pro-censorship. Then he decided to run for office himself instead. Someone told him he needed fifty-two people to donate $500 to get a campaign together, but he reckoned three thousand people giving $8.34 was more likely.

Sean's a web dork, and a fan of xkcd, a surprisingly funny stick-person comic, and the web bit of his campaign looks like this.  Then it got discussed on my favourite website, which it turns out he's a member of. And he's waaay over his three thousand donors. Well done internets. Bring on the actual election.


Hi James,

Yes, I just came across this guy too.

It's interesting. On the one hand, I get the feeling that his success may be in getting all the people who already donate to Obama to chip in for him too. On the other, it says something about candidates fundraising for themselves - no party would have the balls to do this kind of thing, but it's fine for a random Democrat in Kansas to do it himself.

We'll see how he does in November...



In particular, the last part makes me think that "Give money to re-elect Patrick Harvie, Scotland's leading open-source politician" has a special advantage for some audiences over just "please give money to the Scottish Greens".


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