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All anoraks love a poll, and the best tracker of them I've seen is UK Polling Report (Scottish page). I'm trying to find the latest Holyrood voting intentions, and this looks like the most up-to-date. We're not listed in it, but must be a decent chunk of the 18% "others" (full YouGov data here). Frustrating. And curse the fact that System Three aren't doing a monthly tracker anymore.

Anyway, in the comments SNP councillor Peter Cairns confirms the Greens are "punching above their weight" - thanks Pete! However, the real figures are hard to ascertain. Bear in mind that YouGov is unreliable, and their systems are in flux. They had us at 9%-10% in before May's election, and I'm sure the difference between that and the 4% we actually got can't entirely be explained by YouGov's polling being clearer than the ballot papers.

However, if Salmond's bluff had been called and we'd navigated through the Scotland Act to an Extraordinary General Election, I'd have been confident that there would be more Greens in Parliament. Alongside a few less Labour MSPs, a few more Nats, and a small cull of Liberals. Maybe a Tory or two more. 

(The previous discussion on the same site is also interesting, although just over two months old. I promise not to blog old stuff again, but I'm still new to this.)

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