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Caltongate disgrace.

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caltongatedemo.jpgEdinburgh Council's Development Committee today discussed Caltongate again, and duly ignored both UNESCO and the Scottish Green Party. At least we're in good company. 

The Council stuck to their untenable position, and this abomination is being forced through despite complete local opposition and despite the threat to remove World Heritage status. There's even an EU complaint pending, but this lot are impervious to reason.

The only person speaking sense was Green Councillor Steve Burgess, whose motion to hold the decision until UNESCO have visited failed because not a single other councillor on the Committee was prepared to second it. 

If you want a strange illustration of what the anger looks like, incidentally, check out this Evening News article. Three comments approved, then nine hundred and ninety-seven rejected. It looks like a vast amount of thoroughly legitimate swearing has gone on here, directed no doubt at the complacent councillors from the four larger parties.

Anyway, two days ago Robin Harper, Margo MacDonald and Shirley-Anne Somerville wrote to John Swinney, who is now the last person who can save the heart of historic Edinburgh. I've been critical of Shirley-Anne over this (second letter here), much to Malcolm's annoyance. Fair play, though, she signed up to the letter, and hopefully Swinney will listen to her. But if she couldn't even persuade her local councillor colleagues to back Steve's motion, is there much hope?

Ahoy there.

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combo.jpgThe bus brought Scotland's successful Olympic medal winners down past Parliament today, and everyone was there, the Save Meadowbank protesters, the general public who took Save Meadowbank placards in large numbers, the media, and politicians like Tavish Scott, whose Liberal colleagues in Edinburgh are behind the demolition alongside their SNP partners.

Some of the media picked up that this was the big story. Others buried it or ignored it altogether. At least I didn't see Jenny Dawe or Steve Cardownie, the prime suspects in the Case of the Missing Cycle Track, lording it up on the bus. That would probably have led to an egging. Or at least to a lot of angry bicycle-bell-ringing.

Triple gold!

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savemeadowbank.jpgThis Olympics have broadly passed me by. I don't think they should have been given as a prize to a totalitarian government, and I don't care either way about the Saltire vs Union Jack nonsense that others have taken an interest in. 

Also, the table tennis never seems to be on.

However, yesterday saw Chris Hoy take his third gold, and in turn three Edinburgh councillors, Liberal, SNP & Tory, displayed world class double standards. They put out congratulatory "emergency" motions, attempting to associate themselves with his success.

How can we mark Hoy's sporting achievements properly, one asked? How about listening to him when he campaigned against the demolition of the velodrome at Meadowbank, where he trained? Ah, no, all three councillors were too busy supporting the demolition, which will allow more houses to be built (good timing!) and more money to be diverted into council coffers.

Chris put up a new video appeal to save Meadowbank yesterday, which shows how the Council have neglected these facilities. The Save Meadowbank campaign has a good website, and you can sign the petition here. The Herald gave the story due prominence, but the Scotsman missed it

But what are these councillors thinking? How dare they try to wrap themselves in the flag (whichever one suits them) and gloss over their extraordinary acts of civic vandalism? Hypocrisy is clearly a team event, and the three of them yesterday claimed the gold medal.

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