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Tomorrow's activism today.

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TomorrowsEnergy.jpgAstroturf is what it's called. Fake grass roots. Corporate shills, masquerading as locals. This tactic evolved into misleading pseudo-research bodies, funded the same way; by the tobacco lobby, the oil industry, the nuclear lot, anyone utterly unpalatable.

So why not turn the tables on them? Greenpeace did. (via the secretly optimistic Suitably Despairing)

I have a new hero.

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zimmers.jpgDeddie Davies spent five days under cover with the BBC in a care home masquerading as a person with mild dementia. The neglect. The boredom. The food. Oh god, the food. Deddie, I salute you. Her report is here

Oh, and she used to be in Grange Hill. And she rocks as well.

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