Where have the Lib Dem votes gone?

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Thumbnail image for NickCleggduck.jpgThe Lib Dems' post-debate bounce (or post-manifesto bounce if you believe the spin) appears to have faded away. The 10% boost they got is, to my mind, from people who didn't really watch politics, who knew they didn't like Brown but also never felt Cameron was on their side.

But it looks, as suspected, that these were not regular voters, and they haven't come out this time either. Too early to say, but have these game-changing debates actually changed heehaw?


I don't think that's quite right. I reckon the people who watched the debates are people who followed politics anyway, and while they make up *activists* for all parties, they're also the core Liberal vote (most Tories are Tories because their dads were Tories, and most Labourites are Labourites because their dads were Labourites).

hope o2 dont sue you for that image. and john i dont think there are 9 million activists in the country. and as for interested in politis, i would say most people who vote in, or even discuss the election, most people are interested to a degree.

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