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The "birthers" are getting a lot of coverage as August drags on - for those of you who live in reality-based communities, these are the bizarro people who think Obama wasn't born in the US, and therefore isn't really President.

Kos fanned the flames with a poll showing only a minority of Republicans and Southerners believe the evidence, but this video takes the biscuit. HuffPost describes it as an interview with an angry Fraggle, which seems about right. Thanks to the inimitable Chez for the spot.


From wikipedia:
On August 2, 2009, Orly Taitz released and attached to court documents what she alleged to be an authentic Kenyan birth certificate.[43][44] The document was almost immediately challenged as a forgery. It purports to have been issued by the "Republic of Kenya", when in fact, such a state did not yet exist at the time of Obama's birth as indicated on the document (Kenya was a Dominion of the British Crown until 1963).[45][46] Additionally, Mombasa, the city indicated on the certificate as Obama's birthplace, was not located in Kenya, but in Zanzibar.[46][47] Subsequently, evidence was unearthed that the alleged Kenyan birth certificate is possibly a modified version of a 1959 Australian birth certificate found on an online genealogy website.[48][49]

From me:
In case anyone's wondering... She's not a fake doctor. She's a real dentist. And apparently an attorney. Jeezus.

If I was in legal difficulties, I'd take on Lionel Hutz ahead of her.

I love the utter failure to explain why birth notices appeared in the Hawaiian newspapers. Presumably this was the longest of cons, with the final payoff being the handing over of America to the Muslims or whatever.

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