Partial rail nationalisation (and then reprivatisation).

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toytrain.jpgWhen ultra-Blairite Lord Adonis says Labour is finally going to take one of the train operating companies into public ownership, you know what follows. Reprivatisation. Having fixed something, why not break it again? It's very New Labour.

But is there another interpretation? Is he leaving an opportunity for the next Labour leader as he or she struggles with opposition?

After all, Adonis says the plan is to keep the East Coast mainline in public ownership for at least a year, by which time Gordon will be history. The Tories will no doubt wish to rush it back into private hands, and Johnson or whoever could build a populist argument for going further and renationalising and reintegrating the whole thing. 

Perhaps not, but would you rule out Labour being devious enough to leave the Tories some awkward issues on a timer? The test will be if Labour try to run it well: that would build evidence for continuing public ownership. But are they even capable of doing that now?


I think we are missing out on a big opportunity, but thanks to the Thatcher-esque attitudes to public ownership of industries being the absolute worst thing for the country, I can't see us taking it.

Why do we have this attitude in this country? If you go to any other European country, the government owns or have majority shareholdings in utilities/transport companies...

2 examples- Vattenfall (Sweden) and EDF (France) Both these companies seem to be doing rather well!

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