Body blow in Norwich North.

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cllradrianramsay.jpgIain Dale reports an interesting poll for the forthcoming Norwich North byelection. 

Tories: 34% (+1%)
Labour: 30% (-15%)
Liberal: 15% (-1%)
Green: 14% (+11%)

I'm sure people will still be told that "only the Liberals can win here". Their increasingly absurd "Norfolk Blogger" claims this is "a blow to the Greens". If an 11% increase in our numbers is a blow, mate, I'd be happy to see one or two more of those. 

Our friends in Norwich are led by the exceptionally effective Adrian Ramsay (above), the leader of the largest opposition group on the council and soon-to-be MP for Norwich South. They're great grassroots campaigners and very hard working. I think those numbers will shift pretty hard during this campaign, and the longer it runs the more the Liberal vote will trickle away. 

Ladbrokes have Greens at 12/1 and the Liberals at 33/1, incidentally. Political Betting's thread is here.


Given that this post covers "the Liberals", Norwich and probabilities expressed as betting odds, you could have given it the title Lib-Dems, Norfolk and chance...

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