Vote Green.

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It's too late for policy arguments, so here's something more shallow. You'll be in good company, including Alexei Sayle, Mark Steel, Joanna Lumley, Jonathan Freedland, Mark Thomas, George Monbiot and Peter Tatchell (who's a member), not to mention local blogger Malc in the Burgh

Even better, drag someone else out to vote too, ring your family and make sure they vote, all that good stuff. 

One vote counts for three or four with a turnout this low: think how much difference a handful could make.

Just to encourage you, here's a cute picture of a baby fox.


Not to mention people who outed themselves on twitter (some with my help):

Josie Long
Mark Watson
Richard Herring
Ben Goldacre (well, he was semi-outed, and has offered to look at the Green MFSS for problems, in exchange, I think for a Kiss from Sian Berry)
Andrew Collins (subtley)
Not to mention (sorry for the repetition) all the respect types behind Peter Cranie.

Sound like a bunch of comedians to me.

Still, it's a step up from the bunch of jokers at Westminster.

** Ba doom tssh ** (that's a drum noise by the way)

It's the cute baby fox that convinces me :)

And Bill Bailey apparently - and he's the Stars in Your Eyes 'Michael Bolton' Regional Finalist, 1998.

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