Today's financial news in brief.

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stereolabpeng.jpgIt's alright 'cos the historical pattern has shown
how the economical cycle tends to revolve
in a round of decades three stages stand out in a loop
a slump and war then peel back to square one and back for more

bigger slump and bigger wars and a smaller recovery
huger slump and greater wars and a shallower recovery

you see the recovery always comes 'round again
there's nothing to worry for things will look after themselves
it's alright recovery always comes 'round again
there's nothing to worry if things can only get better

This seemed particularly timely last night. Stereolab are absolutely magnificent live - go see them if you ever get the opportunity. Also, you could buy something, perhaps the classic Mars Audiac Quintet or the new Chemical Chords, direct from the band.

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