The litigious Mr Trump.

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trumphaircheckinfo.jpgHere's a cautionary tale for all those politicians keen to suck up to Donald Trump. He arrives, golf course plan under his arm, and is welcomed by local officials who do anything they can to make sure he delivers the imaginary jobs and investment. 

Then it starts turning sour, and he starts to want streets named after himself. Finally, their attempts to get him to comply with even basic planning regulations make him mad, and he sues. For fraud and civil rights violations, no less.

Welcome to Rancho Palos Verdes, in southern California. City's annual income? $20m. Size of the Trump lawsuit? $100m. 

The town has now seen through him, like so many other places he's visited and desecrated. The mayor says: "We have bent over backwards many, many times to work with Donald Trump. I'm sure this lawsuit is really going to anger a lot of the residents." Sample resident email: "please continue not to give in to this bully".

Ah, Aberdeenshire, you are taking such a chance by getting into bed with this man. It will not end well, but don't say we didn't warn you.

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